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A Kitchen in San Sebastian: Restaurante Juanito Kojua

A Kitchen in San Sebastian: Restaurante Juanito Kojua

The restaurant Juanito Kojua sits in the center of the Parte Vieja of San Sebastian, at the heart of the culinary city. Since 1947, the menu has featured traditional Basque cuisine, specializing in fresh seafood and a seasonal menu. You'll find Donostia-style crab, grilled Bay of Biscay lobster, and Basque-style hake loin. If you find yourself in San Sebastian and want to experience a meal of good, fresh ingredients in a warm setting, this is the place for you.

We were privileged to be invited into the restaurant to take a look at the kitchen just prior to the afternoon rush. Below, you'll find photographic evidence of this visit.

Chef at Juanito Kojua - Donostia Foods

Chef in the kitchen.


Prepared fish - Juanito Kojua - Donostia Foods

Juanito Kojua - Donostia Foods

Piquillo peppers - Donostia Foods


Donostia Foods at Juanito Kojua - Donostia Foods

Andy & A.J. Weiss.


Restaurante Juanito Kojua, Portu Kalea, 14, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain.

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