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Conservas in the News: Spanish Tinned Seafood "The Next Trendy Appetizer"

November 23, 2015

Conservas in the News: Spanish Tinned Seafood "The Next Trendy Appetizer"

Spanish conservas, seafood conservas in particular, has been featured recently in the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine. Conservas are foods preserved in cans or jars, a tradition in Spain that utilizes top-quality ingredients to create delicacies unlike what Americans have come to expect from typical canned products found on grocery store shelves.

Conservas includes all preserved foods, such as olives, piquillo peppers, white asparagus, as well as the seafood (Cantabrian anchovies, Bonito del Norte tuna, mussels in escabeche, octopus in olive oil, etc.) mentioned in the articles. The benefit, to restaurants and home chefs alike, of these tinned products is that the high-quality comes with little to no preparation. Just open a tin and serve, perhaps with a few slices of bread or potato chips, and you'll be offering guests the traditional Spanish presentation.

Recently, Donostia Foods seafood conservas was featured on the James Beard award-winning The Feed Podcast with chef Rick Bayless and food journalist Steve Dolinsky. While sampling the sardines, Steve says, “Oh wow. That’s really good. That reminds me of Spain. It’s a rich sardine. Not heavily salted like a lot of times preserved stuff in America… this is a really high quality sardine.” For the jarred Bonito del Norte tuna, Rick adds, "This stuff is super special... When you hear about olive oil or butter poached fish, basically that's what we have in the jar here."

Donostia Foods offers a full line of top-quality Spanish conservas at affordable prices, delivered straight to your door. Delicacies are best when you can buy enough to share with friends and still have money left for wine. 


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