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More Affordable Alternatives to a Few of the 50 Pantry Essentials for the Modern Gourmet

November 19, 2015

More Affordable Alternatives to a Few of the 50 Pantry Essentials for the Modern Gourmet

In The Home Cook's Guide of New York Magazine Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite offer an "A-to-Z guide of 50 of today’s most influential and culture-defining foodstuffs — things you’ll find as frequently on pioneering menus as on specialty-store shelves".

In the comprehensive list you'll find three such foodstuffs available from Donostia Foods: Cantabrian anchovies, Bonito del Norte tuna, and octopus in olive oil, all at a far more reasonable price, for the same top-quality, as the brands suggested in the article.

Cantabrian Anchovies in Olive Oil

Cantabrian Anchovies - Donostia Foods

"Anchovies That Eat Like the Prosciutto of the Sea". Like the anchovies mentioned, Donostia Foods anchovies are not what you'll find on supermarket shelves. Hand filleted and packed in olive oil from fish caught in the Bay of Biscay in April, May, and June. For more than $5 less per jar when you buy six compared to the brand listed.

Octopus in Olive Oil

Octopus in Olive Oil - Spanish Tinned Seafood - Donostia Foods

"Octopus From a Portuguese Canning Master". While Donostia Foods octopus in olive oil comes from the neighboring Galicia region of Spain, you'll find similar high-quality olive oil, flavor and unrubbery texture. The brand listed in the article goes for an astounding $27 per tin. Enjoy more and share with friends with Donostia Foods: $7.91 per tin when you buy six.

Bonito del Norte Tuna

Bonito del Norte Tuna - Spanish Conservas - Donostia Foods

"Tuna That’s Too Good for Sandwiches". Donostia Foods Bonito del Norte Tuna are loins from line-caught fish from the Cantabrian Sea, just like the tuna featured. Granted, not ventresca (belly) cut, but you'll find "the ultimate tinned fish, silky and succulent, and ready to flake at the touch of a fork" just the same. It's one of our most popular products and you'll save 50% per ounce compared to other brands.

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