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Cantabrian Anchovies: Serving Suggestions & Recipes

February 17, 2016

Cantabrian Anchovies: Serving Suggestions & Recipes

Cantabrian anchovies change people's minds. While many may hold fast to the notion of hold the anchovies whenever confronted with the small fish, this habit is most likely born from experience with poor quality examples found in massive grocery stores or atop cheap pizzas, not the umami imbued fillets originating off the coast of northern Spain.

Make sure to eat the good ones. As chef Frank Camorra says in Emily Naismith's article, "Food We Fight About: Anchovies":

People hate anchovies because they have never tried a quality anchovy fished from the Atlantic rather than the Mediterranean. The Atlantic anchovies are plumper, with a higher fat content, making them much firmer in texture and more delicious, as well as less salty.

To help you experience our quality Cantabrian anchovies in the finest fashion, below are a few recipes and serving suggestions:


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