The Tapas Sauces Salsa Verde

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Salsa Verde is essential for several traditional Spanish dishes, including chipirones a la plancha, that splendid seafood dish. But, this superb sauce of garlicky greenness can top so much more: pasta, vegetables, meats, poultry. You will struggle to find something it does not complement well.

Vegan, gluten-free, and absent any preservatives.

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The Tapas Sauces is a family-owned company, the López Family specifically, that preserves the traditions and flavors of popular Spanish sauces. The recipes you find in the jars were perfected over the years by the López Brothers who began by experimenting with different recipes at family barbecues, only to find friends and family demanding they make more of the estimable sauces and offer them to the hungry public. So, they did.

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Ingredients: Sunflower oil, garlic, parsley, lemon, salt, vegetable fiber.

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Chipirones a la Plancha with Salsa Verde

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