White Anchovies (Boquereones) Reservations

Reserve your boquerones today for our next shipping date, Tuesday November 29.

Donostia Foods White Anchovies (boquerones), are craved for by all who've tried them, and available in limited quantities. Thus, this reservation form, so you can be sure to get some when we do bring them in.

Reservation Details

  • No payment required to reserve. Simply let us know how many trays you'd like via the form below, and we'll send a link to complete payment when they're ready to ship.
  • EXPECTED SHIPPING DATE: Tuesday, November 29.
  • $17.99 per tray (100g, approximately 16-20 fillets per tray).
  • Special Care Flat-Rate shipping charge of $15.99 for all orders.
  • All shipments are packed with ice packs and Cool Shield Thermal Bubble Roll to keep boxes at a moderate temperature for the majority of transit time.
  • When orders leave our building, ice packs are frozen and boquerones are fridge temp. They will both gradually warm throughout the shipping process. By the time they reach you, ice packs may be completely thawed without harm.
  • If you'd like any other items, please place a separate order.

For additional information about our Cantabrian White Anchovies (boquerones), please see the product page.