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Simple & Exquisite: Spanish Conservas for the Ideal Summer Picnic

Thomas Cole - The Picnic

Summer is upon us, and so the season of eating in a park while sitting on a blanket has begun. Picnics are one of the joys of these more leisurely months, offering the opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and fresh air out of doors, and perhaps even a concert like those at Chicago's Millennium Park Summer Music Series. But, the necessity of easily transportable food sometimes makes the accompanying snacks suffer for quality. To solve this dilemma, and impress all your friends, look no further than Spanish conservas.

Below you will find five easily prepared, easily transported serving suggestions for your next summer picnic.


Sardine Rillettes - Conservas Picnic - Donostia Foods

Sardine Rillettes - Make them the night before for supreme ease and even better flavor.


Mussels in Escabeche and Goat Cheese - Conservas Picnic - Donostia Foods

Mussels in Escabeche with Goat Cheese - Just open the tin, slather cheese on crackers, enjoy the adulation (yes, those crackers are doing double duty. It's a picnic. Crackers are mandatory).


Olives and Hazelnut Salad - Conservas Picnic - Donostia Foods

Olives & Toasted Hazelnut Salad - This is if you're going upscale with your spread and featuring utensils, maybe even a little table. Power move.


Marcona Almonds and Piment Espelette - Conservas Picnic - Donostia Foods

Toasted Marcona Almonds with Piment d'Espelette - Simple, different, delicious.


Cantabrian Anchovies and Fresh Ricotta - Coservas Picnic - Donostia Foods

Cantabrian Anchovies with Fresh Ricotta - Or, substitute the goat cheese from earlier. One less thing to carry.


If you give any of these suggestions a try, or have some of your own, let us know

The painting above is Thomas Cole's A Pic-Nic Party, 1846, Brooklyn Museum.

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