Cantabrian Anchovies on Grilled Toast

Cantabrian Anchovies on Grilled Toast

All that's necessary for this tapa are three ingredients. 
Total Time (preparation and cooking): about 10 minutes

Cantabrian Anchovy Fillets
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh, Crusty Bread

1. Slice the bread and brush on a light coating of olive oil.
2. In a grill pan or on a grill outback if you're having a barbecue, toast the bread until you start to see grill marks and the slices look delicious.
3. Top each slice with two anchovy fillets. Eat.


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Bill Jacobson
Bill Jacobson

March 16, 2020

Good directions my mouth is watering. What can I do if m y partner says 9he hates anchovies

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