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Recipes with Octopus in Olive Oil

March 14, 2016

Recipes with Octopus in Olive Oil

Donostia Foods Octopus in Olive Oil was featured on The Feed Podcast (2015 James Beard award-winner for best podcast) from Chef Rick Bayless and 13-time James Beard award winner food journalist Steve Dolinsky.

As Rick says, "I love the chewiness of that octopus. It’s chewy in the right way, not in the wrong way, it’s not like rubbery or anything, it offers a little bit of resistance so it doesn’t just melt in your mouth. It would be just wonderful, I want to go home and turn these into simple things that I can put with some bread. I’m thinking about that octopus I want to put a little bit of red chili on it, and perhaps a little bit of mayonnaise to mix in with it, some fresh herbs. Oh my god, it would be so good."

A high-protein, flavorful snack straight from the tin, if you're looking for additional recipe and serving suggestions for octopus in olive oil look no further than our Pinterest board dedicated to exactly that. 

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